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Why work with us at Hancock & Parsons?

Having been established in 2010 by Joe Hancock and Chris Parsons, we have been busy successfully growing our team of both delivery and sales staff. Although originally working out of our central London office, we relocated to Chelmsford to allow a better working environment.

We believe in delivering a very personal services, which is built on continued relationships with clients, on a foundation, of trust, understanding and respect. The knowledge that we will always deliver.

Responsibility - The state or fact of being accountable for something

Tenacity - The quality or fact of being very determined

Service - The action of helping or doing work for someone

We work in a relaxed environment with a team of people who manage their day ta to day work and who do not need micromanaging. With the continual growth of the company there is great opportunity to develop your personal career path.

we are a great company

Hancock & Parsons is a great company to work for if you are: 

  • target driven
  • self motivated
  • challenge orientated
  • tenacious by nature
  • a good listener with the ablility to read between the lines
  • interested in learning about emerging technologies and embracing the market space

Probably wouldn't recommend us if you:

  • enjoy working in a slow paced environment
  • cannot multitask
  • need micromanaging
  • are not keen on using the telephone
  • are not self motivated

Chelmsford: We have a private office with private parking with an easy 2-minute walk to the city centre. The train station is a mere 10-minute walk as well as the main bus station, meaning the accessibility of our new location allows a shorter journey time and therefore a better work-life balance.

Outside the office

Being a small company it's imperative that we all get along, and that we do.

We socialise monthly throughout the year as well as enjoying our annual summertime BBQ and Christmas night out.

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