How Barracuda Networks became Microsoft’s #1 Azure Certified ISV Solution Partner this Year

Barracuda was selected from among 2,500 other ISVs by an independent panel at Microsoft as their 2016 Azure Certified ISV Solution Partner of the Year. To understand why, it’s helpful to look at several customer stories from both sides of pond.

When originally asked what might separate Barracuda from all those other partners, we chose to highlight the Azure journey of one of our customers: Mount Sinai Health System. Mount Sinai is a New York City healthcare organisation comprised of several hospitals, clinics, and a world-renowned research and innovation laboratory. While Mount Sinai’s story is compelling, it is hardly unique, which is why we chose it to highlight our solution partner credentials.

Mount Sinai faced a problem very familiar to many organisations. It had sensitive data and relationships with its customers that needed to be safeguarded, and it also had mobile applications that it wanted to leverage. Mount Sinai saw that the cloud would be a cost-effective solution, as long as it could satisfy its security concerns. Like most companies, Mount Sinai wanted to mimic what it had on-premises, but in the cloud.
The company was directed to Barracuda Networks. In a matter of days, our Web Application Firewall had enabled Mount Sinai to stand-up its first mobile application with the desired level of security. The implementation was so successful that the company’s research and innovation organisation appropriated additional funding to move a whole group of similar mobile applications into Azure, using the same proven reference architecture.

Today, Mount Sinai continues to increase its dependence on Azure and migrate more workloads to the cloud. It gains the elasticity, scalability, and cost benefits of Azure while leveraging both the Barracuda Web Application Firewall for web-facing application security and the Barracuda NextGen Firewall F-Series for secure connectivity and to bridge the on-premises and in-cloud security requirements.

In the UK, this same story has played out in nearly identical fashion at two similar and well-known British institutions. The first is the UK’s largest private healthcare system; the second is the UK’s primary tax-funded healthcare service. While both rely on Barracuda, our security solutions certainly aren’t limited to healthcare. GL Education, a leading London-based provider of benchmarking, formative and diagnostic assessments to both UK schools and a growing international clientele, chose Barracuda to protect its web-based software and tools as it expands its reach to Asia and beyond. GL Education is now leveraging Azure and Barracuda to serve customers in over 100 countries.

For all of our Azure customers, enhanced security is paramount, and it is the combination of powerful features, straightforward deployment, and market-leading customer support that makes Barracuda a compelling choice. Barracuda was one of the first security ISVs in Azure, the first certified Azure security provider, the first security solution to support Azure Active Directory, and the first solution to enhance ExpressRoute with end-to-end encryption. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Barracuda remains committed to continuous innovation with Azure.

Microsoft + Barracuda = better together.

Chris Parsons