Andy Cross and Richard Conway from Elastacloud with help from Chris Parsons and Joe Hancock from Hancock & Parsons established the UK Azure Users Group in 2011. Together they have built a thriving community of Azure users and developers with the help of Microsoft UK. The user group currently stands at over 1800 members and meets twice a month in London, but also in Birmingham and Manchester.

Meetings are attended by up to 100 people a time and all those with an avid interest to learn Azure are encouraged to attend. The group regularly gives a platform for the Microsoft Azure engineering teams and distinguished community speakers.

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The group has been active since early 2011. Anyone can register for the meets at or follow us on @ukazure

As well as the monthly meetups, we are heavily involved in other community initiatives such as the now infamous Scott Gu events. The last event was held at Twickenham on 25th May 2017. It saw 800 fellow lovers of Azure join a selection of industry speakers, but most notable Scott Gu. We will be looking to arrange other such similar events. If you might be interested, please drop us an e-mail and we will be sure to share with you future events.


Click on the links to access the slides from the receny UK Azure Group talks

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27th September 2017

Richard Conway  | Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure with MMLSpark [click to download slides]
Andy Cross  |  Building custom PowerBI visuals for Azure Data Sources [click to download slides]