our space

Microsoft azure | The Azure space as we all know is the leading cloud platform, and one which we are proud to be the preferred supplier of talent in. We have been privileged to build our business success with the support of the Microsoft Gold partners and MVP's we source for. We have been supplying azure professionals in a variety of capacities throughout the space. Our client list speaks for itself, and includes the likes of Dotnet Solutions, Elastacloud and Core Azure. Our involvement is so integral that we are proud to have established the Azure User Group, and are heavily involved in developing events and courses geared to enhance the Azure community. With the ability to intelligently track and monitor the very best talent, we have the ability to bring them to the table before they even hit the market.

fintech | As an established, connected and revered recruiter in the IT sector, we are able to introduce you to the revolutionary talent essential to this innovative wave of technology. Never has a space been so beautiful buffered up by the wealth and experience of the financial giants, whilst equally relying on the emerging entrepreneurial talent of the forward thinkers, the game changers, those who are looking to reshape and create a blend of finance that is in keeping with the world we now live in. With enviably heavy investment into the sector as a whole, there is no place for the here and now, only for tomorrow. We deal with the unequivocally bold and responsive talent you’ll want with you, not against you. Bringing not only their skill and experience, but the persona and charisma that will fit within, as well as drive your team. London is undeniably the centre of this exciting and evolving industry. Dominating the worldwide market, taking 69% of the deals and in Europe with 53%. We have been delivering in the technology space for many years. We are ideally suited to meet your needs. With the additional benefit or our azure expertise, this is a seamless and natural progression for us at Hancock & Parsons to take.

IT sales | The very core of a successful B2B sales enterprise is the relationship that flourishes between the customer and the sales representative. The sales representative must present the ideology and ethos of their company and see through this relationship, ultimately to a successful sale. Amongst many others, we currently work with a leading global B2B Sales and Marketing company and exclusively recruit for them in several locations across the globe. We have a solid understanding of the nature of this business, the required experience, personality and knowledge structures that make a sales team an award winning sales team. Building a solid team has the direct effect of pushing up productivity and profit. Ensuring that the representatives are the right fit, we source from the relevant backgrounds, understanding that lack of product / technological knowledge can be detrimental to making the sale and damaging to your company growth. We have placed more than 250 individuals over the last 18 months in one company alone, and with a stunningly highly achieved representative 100% bonus rate, this showcases that we source for the best sales outcome on your behalf and not just to fill a seat.

digital | With an establish team of professionals who specialise in the digital landscape, we are ideally placed to source and deliver, targeted and relevant candidates and roles. We will deliver to you, relevance, skill and team fit in an enviable time frame. Having worked through the years with such companies as AKQA, Rufus Leonard and McCormack Morrison, our pipeline is ripe for the picking. So whether you need a digital innovator, storyteller, Front-end Web developer or .NET developer, we will be the only call you need to make.

insurance | With the hub of UK insurance companies ideally situated on our doorstep, we have the ability to provide a very integrated recruitment partnership. Working across the board with broking houses, underwriting agencies as well as direct insurers, we have established ourselves as the lead provider of insurance candidates. With increasingly more and more companies moving out to Chelmsford, we have been at the forefront of assisting in these moves and re-sourcing the talent to fill these large scale organisations, and as such have speedily established ourselves as the key resource for insurance placements.

Hancock & Parsons have delivered a small stable of quality contract staff into Foundation IT recently. High calibre, knowledgeable professional developers who are meeting our project challenges. Responsive and highly knowledgeable of the market - flexible and reliable
Steve Meakin - Practice Manager | Foundation IT - MS Gold Partner

how we work

contract  |  The bulk of the roles we fill are on a contract basis. With an extensive and pre-qualified talent pipeline we have developed over the years, we are immediately able to fill your short term contracts within your desired time frame, no matter how challenging that may appear to you. With over 15 years' experience in the contract field, we are adept at cutting through the multitudes to deliver the key talent, and always with an understanding of the culture into which they must fit. With a knowledgeable appreciation of market salaries and expectations, we can ensure that we are attracting the best talent, and keeping abreast of your competitors.

perm  |  This is a notoriously difficult area in which to recruit, the nature of the industry has dictated historically that contractors will often shun away from perm roles. But with the right guidance from us, we can ensure you are offering the package that will attract the long term team placements you want to make. We can ensure you are not missing out on the best talent, by ensuring you are pitching at the right level. The time saved by using us is insurmountable. We pro-actively build our talent pipeline at all times, we monitor movements through our integrate CRM systems and social media, and can bring the talent to you before they even hit the market place. With H&P, we will understand areas in your business that are especially difficult to staff, and as such if we find that perfect fit, we will introduce you. Regardless of whether you are looking. We are always looking. 

hr  |  This is an area of the business we have been expanding over recent years due to the success of working this closely with several of our clients. We essentially act as your in house HR team. We are expertly placed, have all the tools and experience to hand. We understand the market place, salaries, skill sets and most significantly have a keen eye for the fit of a candidate within your team. Working as an integral part of your team, we are able to save you money, scale up and down accordingly and allow you to focus on your core business. We currently provide this service for one of the fastest growing demand generating and digital marketing companies in the world. They manage the worldwide sales campaigns of Microsoft, Xerox, HP and other large service integrators. We have placed over 230 contractors with them in just over 18 months.